On smoking out

I have two very good friends, a married couple, who live far away. We’re not able to see each other often, but when they visit, they stay with me, and when I visit, I stay with them. Here’s the problem. They love to smoke out, and I have asthma. I learned the hard way that smoke, including weed, is not my friend. They know this. When they stay with me, this isn’t a problem, but when I stay with them, they break out the pipe and then I have to break out my puffer and/or discreetly excuse myself for bed, no matter how early it might be. (And I’d rather stay up and hang out with them since our face-to-face time is rare.) I really only stay with them a couple nights a year, so it’s not like I’m in terrible danger, and normally I could deal. But tonight—yes, I’m staying with them tonight—I also have an upper respiratory infection and have been using my puffer every few hours anyway. They’ve seen this. So when the pipe came out as usual I was pretty surprised—and annoyed. Here are the options: should I ask them not to smoke when I stay with them (which is imposing on them in their own home) OR just stay in a hotel next time and tell them at that point that it’s because I can’t be around when they smoke OR do I stay in a hotel next time and say nothing at all?

Sure, your friends know you’ve got asthma, just like they know where they left their keys. Come on, man. Any couple that smokes weed errday is bound to blaze up without doing the math on your medical condition.

Not that you need a lesson in the difference between stoner absent-mindedness and genuine thoughtlessness when your lungs are on fire, but still, it’s on you to say something if you’re annoyed. You don’t have to be a whiny little bitch about it, but feel free even in their own home to tell them the smoke fucks you up, and not in a good way. You’re a guest, after all.

And damn, Weezy. How hard is it to politely suggest baking pot brownies instead? Seriously, turn that shit into a win-win. Bring a box of Duncan Hines next time and start a new tradition.


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