On garden variety shyness.

I like reading your shit, because you have a different view on things then well, everyone I know. I’ve deduced that you’re around my mom’s age, and I think you and her share some ideals but somehow coming from you it’s just better. Anyway, I’m just 18 and in college. I (unlike my mom,) have a lot of trouble talking to people. I get all these thoughts and want to say them but then I swallow it and walk away. Problem is, I don’t make any friends (other then like bullshitting buddies who talk to me first) in college and well, it’s preventing me from getting laid. I want to get laid. I like girls too, but man, I just really want to fuck a dude. How do I get past this ‘shy’ stupidity and talk to strangers?

Your mom’s age? Fuck you. You’re either bad at math or your mom was a preteen whore.

As for your problem, I can’t tell for sure whether you’re a guy or a girl, so I don’t know what to say. Either way, take solace in the fact that you’re in college, which means you’re surrounded by shy and confused bisexuals who just want to get laid.

You’re not alone. Remember that.

Don’t be creepy, and just go fucking talk to people.


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