On getting and being gotten.

I feel like it will literally take me the rest of my life to find some guy that actually “gets” me. Like a guy that understands why I make shirts that say “Come at me bro” and drive around with a deer skull mounted on my dashboard and doesn’t think I’m a fraheek at a cursory glance. Will I ever meet someone in high school that won’t take my preoccupation with internet culture and obnoxious irony seriously? Am I expecting too much out of dudes when I expect to find someone that will just “get” who I am? Ugh I hope I don’t regret asking this.

High school? No. You will not meet someone in high school that actually “gets” you, and yes, you are expecting too much out of dudes for them to just “get” who you are.

As interesting as you sound, your shit is still coming together. The “you” that will eventually be gotten is still forming. That’s not criticism. That’s not even a knock on your emotional maturity, which quite frankly seems higher than most. It’s merely an observation.

You’re still knee deep in the adolescent experience, bored with it no doubt, but still, not past it yet. At best, you can hope to find a dude who’s walking the path at your speed, someone who, at least for now, you share enough similar experiences and sexual chemistry to keep things interesting until the next phase. And hell, that may be all you’re really looking for anyway. After all, most folks end up calling that shit first love.

Whatever happens, don’t worry about it, little sister. Getting and being gotten are experiences for which you’ll have plenty of time. More than once, I hope.

By then, who knows what you’ll have mounted on your dashboard.


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