On getting over it already.

I broke up with my awful boyfriend two years ago after he cheated multiple times, told me i should be bulimic and eventually drove me into depression.

Despite this i am still obsessively thinking about him every day, probably because i haven’t been with anyone i care about since. I feel like a crazy person and would never want to be back there again but these memories and ‘what ifs’ continue to haunt me.

How can i go about forgetting that bastard completely and moving on with my life?

Quit blaming him for your problems. He didn’t drive you into a depression. You did that shit to yourself. He was just a symptom of your low self-esteem.

Sure, he’s an asshole. So what? It’s been two years already. At this point, he’s more an idea than an actual person. You’ve elevated this prick to icon status, and you wonder why you can’t forget him.

Knock him off the pedestal by taking some fucking responsibility for your own emotional state. Accept your role in this, forgive yourself for being such an idiot, and then forgive him for being such a piece of shit.


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