On getting snooped.

Ok, coke talk, here goes. I was dating a guy over the summer and I ended up taking some adult pictures that I sent to him. My face wasn’t in them, but they were pretty racy. Most of them were cheap cell phone shots, but a few were still kicking around my sent emails folder.I don’t regret it, I have great tits and am ok with showing people I trust. But the situation took a weird turn the other night.I am very close and hang out constantly with my best friend and her live in boyfriend of five years. In the past few months, the boyfriend and I have become very good friends independant of my best friend and he was someone I trusted and genuinely cared about. The other night I was at their place watching tv and I signed into my gmail on my bffs computer. At some point, I handed the boyfriend her computer to show him something and I never took it back or signed out of my gmail. I left about a half an hour later and on my way home, my blackberry started blowing up. Everytime I send a gmail from my account, a copy gets sent to my blackberry. I soon realized that the boyfriend had been trolling through my emails and sending himself the naked pictures of me. Now he would have really had to dug to find these so its not like they were on top of my inbox. I was incensed and immediately sent him a text relaying to him how fucked up this was and since then he has sent me half a dozen apology texts. I don’t know what to do. I’m so creeped out by it. I’m not worried about him showing other people, I’m worried about him jacking off to pictures of his girlfriends friend. He said he was drunk, but he wasn’t that drunk. I know I know, I shouldn’t have taken naked pics in the first place, but that’s kind of not the issue. I need to know how to handle this guy. Should I tell my friend (she cheats on him pretty regularly, but I think if she saw how much this upset me, she might break up with him) what do I do?!

He’s dead wrong for violating your trust, and he’s a fucking moron for getting busted and putting you in this awkward position. Still, it’s not a capital offense. If we’re being honest here, everybody snoops a little.

This is one of those situations that is as big a deal as you want to make it.

If you’re a whacked-out drama queen that thrives on chaos, you can scream bloody murder and pit your best friend against her boyfriend just to see how much shit you can stir up.

If you’re the manipulative type who enjoys secret evil plans, you can play your cards so that the boyfriend is forever under your thumb because you have evidence of a sexualized trust violation.

If you’re super easy-going and prefer to laugh things off, you can poke a little fun at him for jerking it to your naked pics as you accept his apology and forget it ever happened.

It’s your karma. How do you want to play it?

If I were you, I’d probably opt for being super easy-going with a little manipulation thrown in for safe keeping. No good will come from telling your friend while they’re still together. Wait until after she breaks up with him.

As for the creepiness factor, you really have to just laugh it off. After all, he’s fantasized about fucking you for years. It’s just what guys do. I guarantee you’re one of the girls he pictures in his head while fucking your best friend.

Those images have already been deposited into his spank bank. Not much you can do about that except learn your lesson about protecting your naughty pics.


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