On girl meets boy.

Here’s the story: girl meets boy. girl likes boy. boy is out of her league. girl and boy become friends. better friends. best friends. girl falls in love with boy. girl overanalyzes everything that boy does. this causes drama. boy eventually walks away from friendship. girl and boy get back in contact. girl tries not to be passive agressive this time and just asks him what’s going on. boy calls girl out for overanalyzing the shit out of everything again. girl and boy talk. girl gets upset and asks boy to call her. says she misses him. boy tells girl he will. boy never calls or anything. girl texts him a week later about something else. they talk. what the fuck is going on with the boy?

Boy likes girl. Boy doesn’t love girl. Boy will never love girl. Girl doesn’t want to deal with reality. Boy doesn’t want to deal with girl.


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