On girls

Why would u cancel the show Girls? It’s the only show on TV that’s relatable and body image isn’t everything for once.

Are you fucking kidding me? Girls is terrible. The only theme is malignant narcissism, the only stories are ones of pathological self-absorption, and every single character is a spoiled rotten navel-gazing garbage monster.

Of course, all of that would be forgivable if the show were somehow funny or poignant, but it’s so completely up its own ass that it is neither.

Honestly, if Girls is the only show on television that you find relatable, then you are a horrible fucking person. Hate me all you want for saying so, but I promise, in five years you’ll realize how right I am about this.

And for fuck’s sake, have you not seen Broad City yet? That show is brilliant and hilarious. It’s everything Girls should have been and more. Go watch it immediately.


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