On go fuck yourself.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog and hold the same views on almost everything you post. But I completely disagree with your last post about all pro-lifers being religious. It was utter shit. People are pro-life for many other reasons that are fuck all to do with religion. I’m an athiest but I’m also pro-life. If you think I’ve misunderstood your last post, I haven’t, I just disagree with it. I thought that you didn’t put forward a very strong argument. Please can you leave the pro-life/pro-choice talk for a while and talk about something a lot more important like how many times does a girl need to have anal sex before she actually enjoys it? or some shit…

Okay, cheap seats, let me break it down for you.

Having an opinion on my argument isn’t making a counter-argument. Either bring some substance to the table, or shut the fuck up.

Also, I don’t give a flying fetus whether you’ve misunderstood my point or just plain disagree with me, you’re still just an asshole who wants to deny women the legal right to abortion.

Oh, and I’ll write about whatever I damn well please. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m in the mood to fight today, and I’m happy to strap one on and show you exactly what it takes to enjoy anal sex, punk ass bitch.


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