On the religion of pro-life.

Not all pro-lifers are religious. Why do you buy into so many stereotypes? You seem so smart otherwise.

Actually, all pro-lifers are religious. They just don’t necessarily know it.

Here, I’ll show you. Make a rational argument that does not have it’s origins in religious doctrine denying women the legal right to choose whether to terminate their pregnancy of a nonviable fetus.

You can’t do it.

The pro-life argument is a religious one, plain and simple.

Being religious has nothing to do with whether you believe in god. Hell, the churches have always been full of quiet, desperate atheists.

Being religious has to do with taking up the cause of religion, and if you are pro-life, then that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You can call deny that you’re religious all day long, but if you’re a pro-lifer, the evidence speaks for itself.


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