On high school problems.

I have a new interest in this guy in my Spanish class. Me and him are always scribbling away and drawing pictures instead of practicing hallway dialogue in a foreign language, and it’s obvious he has that creativity thing going which I just love. My life so far has been all hookups and friends with benefits, and I want this guy to notice me in a date-able way. We’ve talked and hung out alittle bit at school but aren’t close. Any advice?

Have you read my blog? You realize I’m a filthy coke whore who spends her nights getting fucked up in Hollywood clubs, right?

I’m probably not the best person to ask for advice on the artsy boy in Spanish class. The last time I passed someone a note in study hall your mom was still a virgin, and in my world if you want a guy to notice you in a date-able way, you give him a really good blowjob.

Seriously, I don’t mind it when teenagers ask me questions, but I’m not Judy fucking Blume.


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