On unreasonable demands.

I’m 16. I’ve been dating this guy for 10 months, but I can tell we’re going to last for at least a while. It’s not love, but who, at 16, even knows what love IS? I’ve never been addicted to any substance, but I had partaken in smoking weed about half a dozen times with a trustworthy girlfriend of mine, and he knows. Now, he is asking me to never smoke again, and never to drink, even though I have never been drunk, and the last time I smoked was months ago. Nothing happened to spark his demand this of me. He just decided. I have been wanting to smoke again with that friend, but I’m not sure how to confront him about it. I refuse to lie and act like it never happened after I have done it. What should I do?

He just decided? Excuse me, but where does he get off making decisions on your behalf?

Never smoke? Never drink? Fuck that guy. Never surrender your free will, and never put up with an ultimatum.

It’d be one thing if he had genuine concerns about your health or well being, but this sounds like some tight-ass moral objection to getting a little stoned. You don’t have to obey him. Simply tell him no.

You’re fucking sixteen years old. Boyfriends are fruit-flavored candy at that age. If he does anything but respect your wishes while following you around like a puppy dog, end the relationship so fast that his pointy little head spins.


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