On his girl best friend.

I recently started dating this guy.  Things have been going great so far – near perfect.  The only thing is, his best friend is a girl.  A girl he used to have sex with.  And cheat on his girlfriends in high school with (we’re both in college now).  And she’s still “in love” with him.  He still says “I love you” to her as well, but he swears it’s just as a friend, and he’s made that clear to her too.  But I’m still insanely insecure when it comes to their relationship.  I can’t ask him to stop talking to her, though, since he’s made it clear that she’s his best friend.  So is there any way I can subtly lead him away from her or become secure with their relationship, or is this a lost cause?

In the pimp game, when a young ho wants to bust out her daddy’s main lady and become the new bottom bitch, she’s gotta play her cards just right. She can’t be triflin’. She can’t be actin’ the fool. She gots to be hustlin’. Fresh booty can’t show nothin’ but love to an old school queen, ‘cause them bottom bitches done seen it all and they got eyeballs where you sleep, yo.


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  1. Kosmo says:

    This has been bugging me all day. It’s racist, in a way that could be excused if it were funny or skillful. But it’s not; it’s tin-eared and awkward. CQ is a great writer and thinker, but it’s a good thing she doesn’t write dialogue for a living.

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