On hot teen girl-on-girl action.

My friend and I are incredibly close, and have been for over six years. We’re both seventeen. She’s a bisexual female and I’m a bicurious female. We had a very bad patch throughout all of last year where we came close to not speaking, but recently we’ve patched everything up and we seem to be better than ever.

Here’s the hard part. We “dated” at one point in our freshman year of high school (dating in quotes because, let’s be serious, we were fourteen) but broke up because the dynamic just wasn’t the same – in a negative way. Fast forward several years to now, when we’re almost completely different people. I feel the urge to try getting physical with her, and I’m pretty sure that I’m getting similar vibes off of her. However, I can’t tell if the desire is rooted in desperation (it’s been a year and a half since I’ve been so much as kissed) or genuine romantic feelings.

I’m also nervous about going for it because, as I said, we just got over a pretty rough spot. I don’t want to push things too far when we’re still healing. So, what do you think? Do I go for it, or reign myself in?

Don’t do it. Get your lovin’ elsewhere. Not to be condescending, but at your age, sex will complicate your relationship beyond your ability to control the outcome. It’s not worth risking a friendship of over six years, especially one that’s a been through some recent static.

If the urges become too much to resist, I highly recommend you talk about it with your friend first. Don’t be afraid of a little intimate pre-game conversation. If the two of you let your rational minds guide your decision to fool around instead of your teenage lust, things are much more likely to have a happy ending.

Good luck.


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  1. steven deparis says:

    go for it and contact me because i have experience with helping you find ways to make it work.lets talk

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