On how it’s done.

How do you make any money doing coke/other shit every day? Are you like a celebrity or something?

I work my ass off, and I have fun when I’ve earned it. I sure as hell don’t do drugs every day, and when it comes down to it, I really don’t do all that much blow.

A few lines with friends a few times a month is a less expensive habit than cigarettes if you’re a girl. Hell, a good tab of ecstasy lasts all night for the price of a couple of cocktails.

Shit, if you want to break down the budget on a wild night of fun, the real money gets burned on hotel suites and private tables. It’s not about finding good drugs, it’s about keeping good company.

And fuck being a celebrity, especially by today’s definition. That shit is nothing but hassle. I’ll take a velvet rope over a red carpet any day of the week.


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