On knowing when it works.

You’re starting to get some more serious questions, so I’m not sure if this merits a response. But hell, how do I tell if a guy actually likes me AND likes sex with me or just likes fucking me?

I thought I could tell the difference- one usually involves dinner and outside conversation and pleasantries. But lately I’ve just been all sorts of confused. A verbally established friend with benefits is starting to get extra cuddly. The (long distance) guy who I genuinely like and swears he likes me back talks to me every once in a while and usually when we see each other we’re in bed.

Confusing boys = a confused girl.

A cuddly friend with benefits and a cold long distance guy? Damn girl, you’re wearing stripes and plaid.

Take a step back and recognize that you’re dealing with two of the trickiest types of romantic relationships at the same time. No wonder you’re cross-eyed.

It’s not the boys. It’s the two situations, and just like mixing prints, the only way to pull it off is to go bold and truly not give a fuck.

Besides, you know damn well whether a guy actually likes you, and when he does, you don’t have to make him swear that he likes you back.

Yeah. I don’t think you’re really confused. You just didn’t like what you saw when you looked in the mirror.


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