On identity

I’m with you on this: “Truth be told, I find that people who build their identity around any external institution — be it a sports team, a religion, or an alternative lifestyle — are weak minded and lack personality.”

But HELLO. You identify as an “LA Party Girl”. Your institution, as it were, is…well…drugs.

Sorry, but that seems just slightly hypocritical.

I still love you, though.

— Kris

Having an identity is not the same thing as identifying via an external institution, and drugs are no more an institution than the war on drugs is an actual war. It’s not like I belong to a gang called the “LA Party Girls.”

I have my own style. I have my own world view. I have my own moral code. Sure, this blog has a theme, but don’t confuse a literary device for a personal creed. The difference between me and your average bible-thumping blogger is that I don’t have to ask what Jesus would do. I think for myself.


2 thoughts on “On identity

  1. Chris says:

    Not sure if that’s the best or worst gang name ever, but that it has a chance to be a contender either way says a lot.

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