On ignoring drama.

Alright. Let me start out explaining the situation. I dated this guy for 3 1/2 years. Starting when I was 15. We broke up 2 years ago. He quit harassing me to get back with him just last year. I have a boyfriend, We have been together for over a year. things are fine. Im not wanting to get back with my ex or anything shitty like that. But my exs current girlfriend always asks for my advice. I found out that he treats her the same as he treated me, that hes cheating on her. and just being a huge fucking douche. all around. Shes a cool fucking chick too. We are alot alike and we have a best friend in common. Ive never once talked bad about my ex/ her boyfriend to her. Because I feel thats not my place. But now shes been asking me what she should do. And I told her when he did this shit to me.. I straight up left him. She keeps asking for my advice..but then blowing it off. I dont want to tell her to leave him..its not my business. But I hate seeing her go through ALL the same shit I went through. He is even cheating on her with the same girls he cheated on me with. Should I just keep my fucking nose out of it? So far thats what Ive been doing. I figure if I stay out of it… my life will stay my business and i wont be in any trouble. But its so hard to see her getting so hurt. I also found out he has been hitting her and getting violent with her. I wish I could let her borrow my back bone.

Stay the fuck out of it.

That is all.


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