On cocky boys.

A guy who is just so fucking full of himself asked me out. Every time I see him at a party or something, he comes out with something like “I AM hot shit,” and I just mentally cringe.

He’s a good person behind all the bravado, though.

I don’t know if I should say yes or no… I’m afraid that he’ll come out with something utterly ridiculous and self-flattering during sex, or compare himself to the protagonists in movies or something. I don’t want to crush his ego (which is obviously fragile if he needs to stroke it so much) but I want to slap him from here to Shanghai every time I see him.

Are you in the mood for a project? If so, go ahead. I suppose it can be fun when a boy gets under your skin and drives you a little nuts.

Honestly though, unless you’re looking for a silly fling, it’s always better to skip the boys and just date men.


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