On cocky boys.

A guy who is just so fucking full of himself asked me out. Every time I see him at a party or something, he comes out with something like “I AM hot shit,” and I just mentally cringe.

He’s a good person behind all the bravado, though.

I don’t know if I should say yes or no… I’m afraid that he’ll come out with something utterly ridiculous and self-flattering during sex, or compare himself to the protagonists in movies or something. I don’t want to crush his ego (which is obviously fragile if he needs to stroke it so much) but I want to slap him from here to Shanghai every time I see him.

Are you in the mood for a project? If so, go ahead. I suppose it can be fun when a boy gets under your skin and drives you a little nuts.

Honestly though, unless you’re looking for a silly fling, it’s always better to skip the boys and just date men.


One thought on “On cocky boys.

  1. Karen in Montreal says:

    What evidence do you have that he’s a good person under the bravado?

    That whole ‘I am fragile and vulnerable under this arrogant shell’ is a huge manipulation. And it often works. But the reality is that people who say and do arrogant things almost always believe they really are better than other people.

    Wanna know how to tell the difference? If a person is cocky to cover insecurity, then when you show them you see their value (NOT their sparkles, that’s different), they get less cocky and arrogant, they don’t need that anymore. Whereas the other ones? The ones that will first make you feel super special and then grind you down with their criticism? They get more arrogant when you show them you see their value. And more. And more. Also, the truly arrogant ones? Then can show empathy, as long as whatever you’re upset about isn’t them. But if they’ve upset you, the empathy disappears.

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