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On inherent flaws

Humans are born selfish, therefore equality/end of discrimination will never be achieved, and we should stop working towards it. Your thoughts?

Humans are born wailing shit puddles of weakness and need. You know what happens? We grow. We develop. We become a little less weak, and if we’re lucky, we improve, both as individuals and as a species.

Achieving equality isn’t the point. Neither is the end of discrimination. What does that even mean, anyway? Are you talking about equality of opportunity or equality of outcome? And discrimination isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are plenty of groups who deserve whatever discrimination comes their way. Men who catcall, for instance. People who wear finger-toed sandals. Anyone who voted yes on Prop 8.

The human condition is one big fucking tragedy, but that’s no reason to stop working towards something better. You don’t get to give up because of the inherent flaws in our nature. That’s the worst kind of weakness.


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