On its own reward.

A while ago you said you don’t “reward musicians with your pussy”. A recent piece of ‘fun-sized-advice’ suggests you would be willing to reward Assange with it. How do you reconcile this? Through the uniquely powerful position JA has come to inhabit, or through attraction alone?

I reconcile this by you missing the fucking point.

It wasn’t musicians, by the way. It was artists, and it’s true, my instinct isn’t to reward them with my pussy. That’s because it’s not a reward. My pussy’s not for them. It’s for me. I fuck who I wanna fuck because I wanna fuck them.

What assholes like you never quite seem to grasp is that neither you nor anyone else has the authority to turn my pussy into a commodity. Only I get to do that, if and when I so choose, and believe me, if I ever decided to put a value on it, somebody would be calculating mortgage payments. I know better than to treat my shit like it’s a gold star or a Gap gift card.

Assange is Bond-villain sexy. He’s brilliant, he’s got that deep voice with the accent, and he wears the shit out of a suit. I can just tell sex with him would be kinky and athletic. Still, my instinct would never be to reward him with my pussy.

I know you’re probably not used to women who captain their own sexuality, but fucking him would be its own reward. My reward.

I hope you see the distinction.


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