On joseph kony’s fame.

What’s your take on the Make Joseph Kony Famous movement?

It’s an interesting experiment in charity-based international justice. It’s also well timed. The movement has the potential for success, but only during the current administration, and only in this election year.

It comes down to whether President Obama finds it politically expedient to use the U.S. military to directly intervene and either kill or capture Kony.

That’s all that matters. Everything else is marketing and public relations in furtherance of fundraising.

If you want my prediction, Oprah will end up being the one who really takes this to Obama’s doorstep in a public way. The question is, can a movement like this put enough pressure on the President in the thick of campaign season so that he chooses to dust off SEAL Team Six for a sequel? Maybe. Probably not.

One thing’s for sure, if we hear President Obama mention Joseph Kony’s name in the same breath as Osama Bin Laden, that evil fucker’s days are numbered.

We’ll see.

As always, these things are more nuanced than the hipster documentarian from USC film school would lead us to believe.


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