On labels.

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Do you have an opinion on feminism and womens rights in general?

Again with the reductionist labels. Sure, I’m a feminist — whatever the fuck you think that means. It’s easier just to nod to a question like this than to get into a semantic argument.

If you insist on pigeonholing me, I’m also an upper-middle class professional bisexual polyamorous existential nihilist anarcho-capitalist hedonistic objectivist secular humanist west-coast hipster party girl. Do the math on that.*

* For those of you who actually did the math and wrote letters, please stop taking me so seriously. I don’t give a flying fuck about Ayn Rand, and I swear to god I’m not interested in politics. Especially yours. You really are just proving my point about the dangers of reductionist labels as cocktail party words.


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