On keeping it edible

When discussing oral sex, my boyfriend expresses open disgust at going down on a woman who isn’t clean and hair-free “down there” (His words, not mine). I have no problem with this seeing as I regularly get it waxed and have done so before meeting him. Anyway, he refuses to go down on me unless I’m “clean” which I completely understand and have no problem with. However, when I tell him he isn’t getting head unless he’s hair-free, he says he “doesn’t get it”, and I should give him head anyway. When I say the same thing back to him he gets angry. Is it just me, or is he exercising some royally fucked up double standard that isn’t cool at all?

Your boyfriend turns up his nose at a little salty pussy, and he’s too delicate to take a razor to his balls. He’s a real manly man, huh?

There is no double standard here. Nobody likes to floss with pubic hair, and of all the things guys do for a blowjob, a little personal grooming isn’t too much to ask for.

Your boyfriend is being a spoiled little bitch, and it sounds like he’s got a sense of entitlement when it comes to oral sex.

Never put up with anyone who tells you that you “should” do something in bed that you don’t want to do.

If he doesn’t shave, don’t suck his dick. When he whines like a little girl, shut him up by sitting on his fucking face.


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