On mysterious cold sores.

last night my roommate and i shared 2 joints. i woke up with a fucking cold sore on my lip. we never really share anything like drinks or clips very often..and i’m not going to lie, she’s slept around since she broke up with her boy this past july. i’ve been on a little bit of a dry spell this semester so i know some boy didn’t give me this damn coldsore. anyways…she has a new boyfriend now, but shit….should i be worried?

Are you serious? Do you really think it’s possible to contract herpes from a joint and then break out with a cold sore all in the span of twelve hours?

That shit can lay dormant. You could have gotten it from any number of people in the past few months or even years. Come to think of it, is this even your first cold sore? You sound like you’ve had them before, in which case, why the hell are you trying to make your roommate out as patient zero?

And by the way — fuck you for throwing her under the bus with that “I’m not going to lie” comment. She can sleep around with whomever she pleases, and you’d be wise not to blame your stress blisters on her fun.


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