On less sex.

I’ve been best friends with a guy for two years. Fucking him for almost three months and dating him for one. Our entire friendship he has suppressed his desire for me and when we started fucking it was so incredibly surprising that I eventually stopped giving a shit that it might ruin the friendship. I’m still not worried about that. What I am worried about is that his sexual appetite has diminished. He has been having family problems as well as financial problems and I know that stress can put a damper on the sex life, but still, I’m insecure. I continue to worry that he’s getting his fill somewhere else or he just isn’t attracted to me anymore. I’d like to note that even though we have sex LESS, it is just as good as ever. Any words of wisdom?

Your pussy doesn’t have that new car smell anymore. You’ve been fucking for three months, so the novelty has worn off. That’s all. It’s really no big deal. It doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to you or that you won’t live happily ever after. This is just how guys are.

Actually, when you add the external problems with family and finance, you should consider yourself lucky that it’s only the quantity and not the quality that’s slipping.

You need to chill the fuck out and quit thinking this is about you. Have you gained weight? Are you nagging him more than usual? No? Then it’s not about you. Honestly, you need a xanax more than he needs a viagra.

And don’t get all paranoid thinking that he’s getting his fill somewhere else. Just because a guy is fucking you less doesn’t mean he’s fucking somebody else more. It doesn’t work like that. Besides, if you’re really his best friend, then you’d know in your gut if he were getting some on the side.


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