On screamers.

Ok so…..I live with my boyfriend and another male roommate who also has a “girlfriend”….if she can really be called that. Anyway, that’s whole other question in itself.

The house we live in is fairly small so everything can be heard from anywhere in the house. When my boyfriend and I have sex at night or when it’s pretty silent throughout I attempt to not make any banshee noises and generally keep the volume down out of respect and to avoid awkwardness for those who may….or may not be asleep. The “girlfriend” however does not. Sometimes it’s downright ridiculous. I’m all for making noise but under the circumstances I feel like it’s not out of the question to keep it down.

So I guess the question is….do you think the amount of noise someone makes reflects the pleasure of the experience? Do you think it’s necessary to make such noises or is it often theatrics? I’ve faked a few orgasms in my day and I feel like I might actually be more quiet when I really am getting off. Maybe that’s just my personal style. I guess perhaps the basis of this question stems from the male roommate saying the “girlfriend” was a “screamer”. Is this another one of those things that come from guys watching porn and expecting that?

Curious on your thoughts and love your writing.

Some girls are attention whores twenty-four, seven, three sixty-five — even when they’re filled with dick, they’re still empty enough for attention seeking behavior.

Imagine her making that amount of noise while masturbating. Ridiculous, isn’t it? It’s one thing to have a screaming orgasm, it’s another thing to be a screamer.

If you can hear her vocalizing through walls for ten minutes at a stretch it’s definitely theatrics, even if it’s not a conscious choice on her part.

Just tell the thoughtless bitch to shove a sock or a cock it it.


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