On lily allen’s white privilege

Lily Allen’s Hard Out Here: satire or racism? (As – I gather – a white woman you of course have no business answering that question, but you acknowledge you have no business answering any of these questions, so.)

Yes, well. It’s definitely not satire, and it’s most certainly racist, but let’s set the socio-political critique aside for a moment and focus on something a little more fundamental: This is a terrible song.

It’s just bad music, aesthetically. Whoever produced this track should be dragged out of the studio and beaten over the head with whatever Casio keyboard he stole the sample from. The song is a derivative, auto-tuned mess with unpleasant instrumentation, no discernible melody, and lyrics that could have been written by a teenager.

(Come to think of it, the last album written by a teenager was fucking amazing, so for all of you giving Lorde shit for her subject matter, consider how much more depth and poetry she brought to the table when compared to this stupid, one-dimensional single.)

Honestly, I’ve seen better YouTube parodies than this piece of shit video, and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves for sucking so badly.

That’s another thing. This video isn’t satire. It’s low-grade parody. It’s just a clownish impression of a genre. Sure, it tries to poke fun, but you can’t satirize booty-and-bling videos simply by making a bad one.

Lily Allen’s intentions may be tongue-in-cheek, and she may claim to be taking a counter-position to other white artists who would unironically accessorize with hypersexualized black women, but she fails at this. The irony is lost, and she is just as guilty of exploiting black female bodies as Miley Cyrus.

Yep, she really fucked this one up. Lily remains oblivious to her white privilege and unapologetic for her creative choices. Meanwhile, she’s guilty of the exact same sexist and racist bullshit she claims to be indicting, and the fact that her lyrics would seem to suggest otherwise is merely an unintentional irony.

Sorry, Lily. You don’t get credit for good intentions with shit like this.


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