On married coworkers.

My relationship with a coworker has gone from a buddy movie quality friendship to a bad romantic comedy of long looks and “chance” run-ins on our days off. We’re not sleeping together, but something is clearly happening here.

Fact: he’s married, and I think of him as a mentor. Bad fact: I absolutely want to fuck him, and he’s made it pretty clear that he wants to fuck me, too.

What happens now? Do I find a new job? Do I try to shift our friendship back into the normal zone? Do I fuck him and then get a new job?


He’s a married coworker. What the fuck? Are you just hoping that I’ll call you names?

Have some fucking decency. Have some self-control. Unless you get the wife’s permission, you don’t fuck a married man. Unless you don’t care about your career, you don’t fuck your mentor at work.

A little flirting is fine, but make sure that shit is harmless. You’re forbidden fruit to this guy. Keep it that way. Unless he wants to celebrate your promotion by having a threesome with his wife, you should never fuck this guy.


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