On marriage for citizenship.

I get the feeling that you’ll tell it to me straight if I need it (or at least make me laugh and climb out of my little shame spiral): moving up a marriage (a for-real love one, whatever that means) a couple of years for the sake of citizenship. Stupid, or REALLY stupid?

You seem eager for me to condemn you, but I don’t know enough of the details to launch into a judging spree. Why are you in a shame spiral? Are you the husband-to-be, the-wife-to-be, and/or the citizen-to-be?

I don’t suppose it matters, really. If you and your partner are both consenting adults who want to get married for the sake of citizenship, go right ahead. You’re not fucking up my credit score, so mazel tov.

It’s as legitimate a reason to get married as any these days. I guess it’s a bonus that you’re in love, although watch out. Love is the stuff that will fuck up an otherwise perfectly good arrangement down the road.

Oh, and remember, just because you feel the need to move up the marriage, that doesn’t mean you need to move up the wedding. Sign the forms for the sake of the lawyers, but celebrate your vows on your own terms. Don’t let bureaucratic bullshit dictate when you have your big day.


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