On embarrassment.

Should I be embarrassed about sleeping with whatever guy at work I feel like fucking? I’ve already nailed two of them but there’s at least one more I intend on conquering.

Should you be embarrassed? Perhaps if you were caught fucking on the copier at work, but don’t confuse embarrassment for guilt.

Morons and sociopaths often don’t know the difference, but embarrassment requires that your socially unacceptable behavior be revealed to others in some undignified manner, whereas guilt is what you feel internally for knowing that you’ve done wrong.

I’m not saying that fucking guys at work is necessarily wrong, but it’s usually a bad idea. Plus, it says a lot about your character that you want someone like me to give you the thumbs up to shit where you eat.

Honestly, I don’t care whether you’re embarrassed or guilty. It’s your career and it’s your reputation. Do what you want with both.


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