On me.

I thought I would flip things and ask a question regarding you for a change. From your earlier posts, it seems that you are in the throws of a long distance relationship. How have you been able to keep this relationship going and stable? Do you both not mind each other sleeping with other people? I know you feel sex is one thing and love it quite a different beast, however, how do/did you come to terms with him sleeping with other women? Jealousy is a basic human emotion that you simply can’t turn off with a flip of a switch. I know some part of you deep down wishes he would be waiting for you and only you.

Yep, I’m still in the throes of a long distance romance. Shit’s working, too. We’ve started tossing around the L word, and I honestly can’t remember ever being this happy in a relationship I knew was healthy.

We’ve kept it going by making an effort to see each other regularly. We spent the holidays together, and for the past five months, we’d usually make it about ten days before one of us would hop on a Southwest puddle-jumper for a long weekend of sex and candy.

But that’s just logistics. The real trick is that we’re both strong enough to handle it, and neither of us is hung up on monogamy. I know it’s hard for you to comprehend, but I really don’t care if he sleeps with other women, because he does it the right way.

I’ll give you an example. He was on a business trip in Puerto Vallarta a couple months back and met a girl. He made it a point to whip out an international calling card, dial my number and check to make sure it was okay with me before he spent the night with her. Hell, I talked to the chick. She was cool as fuck. Next time she’s in LA, we’re all gonna hang out.

Even though our relationship was still pretty new at the time, he respected me enough to get a thumbs up. He knew I’d be cool with it, but he still called. The same goes for me, by the way. It’s a two way street, we’re both completely open with each other, and it works.

Besides, it’s not like we’re constantly giving each other hall passes. We’re both pretty slammed with work, and we end up seeing each other in what free time we do have. It’s much more likely that we’d wind up in a hotel room hooking up with a random couple when we’re together.

But all that stuff, hey, it’s just recreation. It’s just crazy fun. At the end of the day, we get to curl up with each other and fall asleep together. That’s all that matters.

Sure, it can be hard sometimes. I miss him a lot. The long distance routine is a bitch, but it’s worth it. We’re just so fucking good together.

You insist that some part of me deep down wishes he would be waiting for me and only me, but the thing is, I already know he is.

I get to see him this weekend, by the way.

I can’t fucking wait.


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