On meth.

So tomorrow I’m suppose to go and try meth with my friend for the first time. The problem is I’ve never really done any sort of drugs like this before (marijuana once). Obviously I’m out of my depth; I was just wondering if you could pass some judgement before I submit myself?

Please, don’t go. I’m not kidding.

Weed, blow, ecstasy, ketamine, whatever. You know I’m all for expanding your mind. I’m all for experimentation. Just not meth. That shit will steal your soul. Meth is not a healthy chemical. Trust me on this.

You are, indeed, out of your depth. Getting high on meth is sucking the devil’s dick. I promise, whatever immediate pleasure you may feel will not be worth the days of brutal sleepless hangover, and I assure you, the kind of people who do meth are the skankiest among us.

If you know enough to ask me this question, then you know I’m not fucking with you. That shit is filthy. Don’t go there.


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