On monogamy and polygamy.

Could you play devil’s advocate for a second and give me an argument regarding why monogamy is better than polygamy?

Asking me to play devil’s advocate implies that I otherwise feel polygamy is somehow superior to monogamy. Don’t put things in my mouth without asking, shithead. Especially words.

First of all, polygamy is not the opposite of monogamy. The terms may share a common etymology, but in colloquial use they have fuck-all to do with each other. Monogamy has come to define a broad concept associated with human sexuality. Polygamy has come to define a narrow concept associated with plural marriage in fringe religion.

I think maybe what you’re trying to ask me is to make a case for monogamy over promiscuity. Okay, fine. Does monogamy make you happier than promiscuity? Yes? Then it’s better. For you. I can make a case for minivans and vanilla ice cream too, but who are we fucking kidding? You’re asking for a value judgement where one isn’t necessary.

Monogamy and promiscuity are mutually exclusive lifestyles, but they don’t have to be in opposition unless someone like you insists on calling one better than the other. Quit being so judgmental.

Live how you want to live, already.

Let others do the same.


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