On pros and cons.

Is a Pro vs Cons list a recommendable way of determining whether or not getting back together with my ex is a good idea?

He wants me back and although Im sure I will always have feelings for him in some way (we shared 4 years together), how can I be sure if giving him another chance is a good idea and the relationship just wont go to shit again.. or that he will lie?

Is it possible to regain trust in someone who woke up everyday, lying to you about the fact that you were the only one he had been with? He swore that on our ‘breaks’ in the relationship that he hadn’t been with a soul when in fact it turns out he had been.

He’s smart, dorky and funny, has a great job and loves his family but how can I be sure it would be good for me? Maybe hes just lonely right now, you know?

The last time a pros and cons list was a recommendable way of determining anything was when you couldn’t decide whether daddy should buy you a Prius or a Jetta for your sweet sixteen. Even then it was pretty annoying, because you were the type who dotted her i’s with little hearts.

If your decision making skill set is so stunted that you have to resort to this kind of kindergarten bullshit, you’ve got bigger problems than whether to take back your boyfriend.

Grow the fuck up, bitch. I can tell you’re a sweet girl, but that doesn’t mean your head should be filled with candy.

You’ve spent four years with this guy. Move on, already. It’s not even about him, really. You just desperately need some new experiences.


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