On mediocrity

How do I stop others’ success from making me feel inadequate..? I want to be a doctor but I did horribly my first year of college. My friends are the ideal pre-med students. I feel like there’s no point in trying to compete against them.

You may very well prove to be inadequate, but the success of your friends will have nothing to do with your failure.

Can you do the work or not? That’s all that matters. Make an honest assessment of your abilities, and don’t get distracted by the kids at the head of the class.

So what if you’re average? Every Salieri has his Mozart, or in your case, his Doogie Howser. Get comfortable with your mediocrity or it will destroy you.

Meet the requirements, and don’t be a whiny little bitch. After all, you know what they call the guy who graduates dead last in his class at medical school?



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