On your dog’s balls

A few weeks ago I rescued a little stray dog from a busy intersection on a rainy night.  Now he is rescuing me.  My girlfriend and I broke up (again) and she moved out (again) two days ago.  I want this time to stick and not go back to her when I start feeling the loneliness.  I want to learn to enjoy me again, alone for a change.

My little rescue dog has helped me stay sane.  He dulls the pain, distracts my mind, and gets me outside in the fresh air twice a day for walks.  I love this dog and want to take exceptional care of him.  We went to the vet this morning to get his rabies vaccination, heartworm test and tablets, flea meds, and check-up.  I scheduled an appointment to have him neutered next Friday.  This is what I need advice on.  When I asked Google if I should have my dog neutered, most of the links were in favor of it.  I understand the benefits.  Less likely to roam off looking for some strange, hump things, show aggression towards other dogs, and piss on everything to mark his territory.  But it’s his balls.  They’re gonna cut them off.  That’s some seriously drastic and irreversible shit, man.  If it was me, I’d hate to have that taken away just so I will be more docile.  But I am a human and he is a dog.  I really want to do what is right here, for him.  What would be best for him?  Not convenient or popular, but best.

Dude, don’t superimpose your male ego onto your dog’s testicles. Be a responsible pet owner. It’s your duty not to be the cause of an unwanted litter of puppies, and the only way to be sure of that is to get the little guy neutered.

Honestly, you can’t fight nature on this one. I promise, one day he’ll suddenly turn into a devious little fuck machine, and if you let him out of your sight for a second he will find a bitch in heat and he will knock her up. That’s not cool.

The animal shelters are full, man. Don’t be a dick and force your stray grandpuppies to live on the street all because you had a misguided sense of your dog’s masculinity.

Anyway, sorry about the break up.

Hang tough.


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