Fun-Sized Advice

On more fun sized advice

I lost my virginity recently using a condom you sent with a cunt necklace from the coquette boutique. Thank you coketalk!
You’re welcome. Stay classy.

I’m getting married soon too, and I would love to see what the vows you come up with are like. Could you post parts of them if the couple is cool with it?

Sure thing. I posted the vows over at Coke Talk.

Please tell me you’re coming back to NYC for fashion week? The city is so much more exciting with you running around in it.
Funny you should mention that…

Please, please, PLEASE make a book.
Again, funny you should mention that…

What are your weaknesses?
On behalf of everyone who’s been asked this in a job interview, go fuck yourself.

How many times have you been proposed to?

Were you that fabulous chick at the downtown standard pool I bummed a cigarette to three Sundays ago?

Would you fuck Ari Gold from Entourage? What’s your take on the Ari Gold character?

Hush, Jeremy Piven.

Does your opinion of marriage cause tension between you and your about-to-be-wed best friend?
Hell no. My opinion of marriage makes me the best maid of honor on the planet.

Is the American economy really fucked?
Gently with a chainsaw.

I drunkenly hooked up with my best friend. What the fuck do we do now?
Laugh about it.


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