Fun-Sized Advice

On more fun sized advice.

Would you reveal your identity if offered $1,000,000 for it?
Feel free to make me an offer and find out.

What gets your furthest in life: Good looks, social skills, or intelligence?
Showing up.

Why do you think people feel forever connected to the people they have sex with?
Do they? I don’t know. There are almost seven billion people on the planet. I say any reason we have to feel forever connected to someone is a beautiful thing.

Why aren’t you writing professionally yet?
Yeah, stay tuned for an announcement.

I’m a fairly normal teenage girl with shitty self image issues. How would you advise I go about fixing that?
Quit being a fairly normal teenage girl.

I had sex with my friend. It was really good sex and we’re pretty good friends. Why don’t I want to fuck him again?
Because if you do it again, you’ll be friends who fuck instead of friends who fucked, and that scares you.

Why doesn’t my boyfriend want to go down on me?
Your pussy smells.

Schr√∂dinger’s cat. Dead or alive?

What’s your favorite book?
Are we on a shitty first date or something? There is no possible way for me to answer this question.

What made you decide to use Coketalk as your alias?
Read my personal blog, and you’ll find out.

Best thing to do in New York?
Next week? Me.

How do you deal with your enemies?
People who have enemies are people who need enemies, and I don’t find that a particularly healthy way to live. I can disagree with people, compete with people, and even oppose people without the need for an enemy.


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