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On more fun-sized advice

The major I’m pursuing in college is an individualized study, meaning I can essentially create my own major. My question for you: what would coquette do?
I would create a Bachelor of Science in Morality. The major would be a mix of traditional philosophy, psychology, sociology, and ethics courses with a little bit of comparative religion tossed in for seasoning. At the upper level of independent study, I’d design a curriculum and subsequent thesis that resulted in some kind of original contribution to the field of moral science.

Is it patronizing to buy a friend’s art if you think it’s really good but are mainly doing it because they’re struggling financially and would never accept help?
You just described exactly what it means to be a patron. So yeah, it’s literally patronizing, but that’s really not a bad thing in this context.

I’m so fucking sick of Star Wars everything. Why won’t it go away?
Because a few years ago, Disney bet George Lucas that they could squeeze at least four more billion dollars out of America’s ever-growing man-child demographic.

Should I buy a bag that cost two months of my rent? I saved up for it and it’s my 35th birthday, but it seems wrong.
Maybe hold on to your money for now. Maybe knowing that you *could* own the bag brings you more joy than actually owning it. Maybe it goes on sale and maybe you treat yourself, or maybe you spend the money in some other way that finally feels right. Whatever you end up doing, happy fucking birthday.

What do you think about the porn kills love movement? ( I feel like I disagree, I am a woman who likes watching porn and I know my boyfriend does also and we have a very loving relationship.
No, no. “Porn Kills Love” is not a movement. It’s just a bunch of slightly creepy yet freshly scrubbed Mormon kids who found a clever way to squeeze tax deductible donations out of every pearl-clutching PTA mom from here to Salt Lake City. At most, it’ll become suburbia’s next annoying bumper sticker, and you really needn’t waste your time disagreeing with things you read on minivans.

Self respect is important. But to what extent is it important to gain respect from others? Should I care? I don’t mean to sound shitty. I say this because I knew this girl who I always wanted to gain respect from. Her opinion mattered to me, I’m starting to wonder why it did and whether it should have.
You didn’t want that girl’s respect. You wanted her approval. (Not understanding the difference is why you never had her respect.)


5 thoughts on “On more fun-sized advice

  1. rubicund says:

    Mind sharing some introductory and intermediate systems theory resources now that you’ve mentioned it? I am hoping to educate myself and subsequently the friends.

    Thanks, keep up the fantastic effort. It’s very much appreciated.

  2. Kristen May says:

    Just remember all, Coquette gets lots of mail here. It is possible she’s never read your letter. Her replies are kind of like the lottery.

  3. ATP says:

    That last fun sized advice is totally me–but I’m the girl who didn’t respect a friend who cared so much (too much) about my opinion of her. In just a few sentences, CQ has nailed that relationship for me. Perhaps I can meditate on this and become a slightly more empathetic person…


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