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Are art museums pompous? I love them, but my brother says art museums are basically malls where you can’t buy anything, making them pointless.
Your brother is an idiot.

Why is it bad to kill yourself?
Because then you’re dead, silly.

if everything is meaningless anyway, does it even really matter if i fuck the married guy
It matters to his wife, bitch.

I finally told him I wanted a divorce. I’ve been wanting it for a couple of years now. At first I felt like a weight was lifted, but then I started to panic that I made the wrong choice. How do I know if I was wrong?
The only choice you’ve made is to tell him. You haven’t actually done it yet. Divorce is a process — a grueling, painful process — and that may not be what you really want. What you really want is for things to change, and somehow you’ve come to believe that divorce is the only version of change available. Maybe it is, but I doubt it. Make sure you’ve exhausted all other means of potential change before you go follow through with divorce. That’s how you’ll know if you’ve made the right choice.

Why does Pete Campbell come off as a sleazeball but Don’t Draper does not?
I love a question that comes at me a full decade after it’s relevant. Still, I suppose we live in non-linear times, so here’s your cheat code to Mad Men: Don Draper is not a good guy. He’s just good looking. The entire show is one long narrative experiment proving that archetypal masculinity is just narcissism with a square jaw.

I love my best friend to death, but she has a habit of dating magnificent assholes for short periods of time. When she does, I have to listen to all her insufferable relationship woes and I think by now I’ve reached my breaking point. How do I deal with this without hurting her feelings?
Change the subject. If she insists on talking about her relationships then be more direct and tell her to stop talking about them. Be firm and come from a place of love. It’s okay if you hurt her feelings in the process of setting some healthy boundaries.

Is it chance or choice that you follow 666 people on Twitter?
What do you think?

We know you’re MBTI type, but what’s your attachment style? Should we guess?
Secure as fuck.

Why do you say “you aren’t” instead of “you’re not”?
I use both. They each have a distinct rhythm, and they read differently.

I feel like your recent posts are more peaceful and centered. Do you feel different now that you’re no longer in Los Angeles?
Absolutely, without question, I am in a much better place.

Where have you been?
Learning. Growing. Becoming a better person.

Are you in love?


173 thoughts on “On more fun sized advice

  1. bigbrain says:

    Is killing yourself even possible? Your brain receives consciousness, so killing yourself is a bit like destroying a radio, the physical might be destroyed but the signal is still there (maybe)

    • Becky says:

      No, *you believe* the brain receives consciousness.

      Don’t indulge the mistaken urge to conflate your beliefs with reality.

    • Strangely Rational says:

      Mental illness, psych meds, a little other chemical impairment, hormonal changes – been dealing with these for long enough to know that my state of consciousness is the direct result of my brain chemistry in relation to life circumstances. With the proper drugs, illness, or injury, a person’s entire experience – sometimes even their personality – can change. That would be unlikely to happen if the source of consciousness were external to the body.

      When people talk about killing themselves, they’re referring to the body anyway.

  2. Chloe says:

    What’s the motive for fucking the married guy? Is it because he’s married and there’s a thrill in knowing you’re having something you both morally shouldn’t? Because there’s the possibility of being ‘found out’ by his wife/your own significant other (if one exists)? Would the appeal of being with the guy still be there if he was in an open relationship or single or is it the ‘married’ that does it for you?

    Context is everything.

    • Sarah says:

      Probably some combo of emotional unavailability with narcissism, and disregard for families – stemming from disregard for one’s own family. Speaking from (non-consummated!) experience. I’m a better person now. Still having trouble forgiving myself for it though.

    • Jessica Sen says:

      He’s the warmest, coolest man I ever met, and Coke is always telling me, “He’s mine!” like I would even think of stealing her man, hahahaha crazy bitch. He’s a Director of Photography and he invited me on set once to be a stunt zombie. He’s calm as fuck all the time even when he’s excited, and I once heard him call her “you little fox” while squeezing her butt which I thought was ADORABLE.

  3. Recently I was standing in front of the frozen food case at Whole Foods, trying to decide on what to pick out.

    I was joined by a mid 30’s woman. I’m 64, and well aware of and really pissed off that we even need a MeToo effort–when I was young, I thought we’d be so much further along by now. I toss out “pickup lines” to everybody–men my age, 8 year old kids–I love the brief heart connection that might result.

    I noticed that we cocked our heads. She took a step closer to the case and then back, and then I did. By that time I knew she was playing, too. I scratched my head and she put her hand to her jaw.

    “I like the arrangement they have here,” I said, reaching out and waving my hand in an slow arc from right to left at the case. “The pastels, the blending….”

    She chuckled and said, “Very well curated, yes. I hope the next show is as good.”

    Our eyes met briefly and we smiled. We grabbed our food and went our separate ways in the Whole Foods Art Museum.

  4. Chris says:

    On Mad Men: Yeah, by the fifth episode when Draper cheated with the fourth woman, I was done. The schmuck gave his bonus to his girlfriend so she could go off with some other guy while being a dick to his wife for talking to the Central AC salesman.

    Draper’s Wife: Here he was, having hot January Jones at home, confessing that she’s hot for sex and thinks about him all the time, and his response is, ‘it’s okay, we’ll get you more therapy.’

    Draper was a tool and a halfwit.

    • Mono says:

      he was also (and in someways still) typical. and you forgive him for it because he’s hot. and there in lies the real horror of the show.

  5. Yknow says:

    Attachment styles change over time and they differ for different relationships. No one is secure across the board and forever. However, it is possible to have a general attachment style that is secure for a time. My guess is, given what we know about Coke’s past, you would have to mix in some avoidant/dismissive in there too.


    Anyway, Coke, own up to your own shit.

      • Apricot says:

        It came across to me that in her current relationship, she’s secure as fuck, and happy to finally be able to say it with such conviction. She knows most of the people who still check in here have seen her through less secure attachment styles.

        • Jessica Sen says:

          She’s been through a lot to come to this secure relationship. She didn’t say secure attachment. I would say an interdependence, which is the opposite of codependency.

  6. Silvia says:

    Oh com’on you can not leave us with just “madly” after months!! For Christ’s sake, speak a bit Coke!!
    Ok, I told it 😀

    All the best

  7. oversimph says:

    Agreed that Draper is not a good person but I think that oversimplifies it. Draper has many more likeable and human moments than Campbell. Campbell just presents as an entitled, privileged dude; we get to see Draper’s struggle to the top. While it may be Draper’s looks that buy him some sympathy and likeability, I think the writers have intentionally created a character akin to Tony Soprano, a POS who frequently reveals his humanity and depth, causing the viewer to wrestle with their feelings/opinions on him.

    • buds says:

      We’re also following Draper around, not Campbell. Like in Breaking Bad, we sympathize more with the person we follow than with the other characters, despite our better moral judgement.

      • Chris says:

        I was thinking the same thing. I couldn’t relate or sympathize, even when I got his backstory, but I think most people could. Plus, they’re looking to be entertained, and this different life was one people could enjoy.

    • JM says:

      Yep, he’s the protagonist after all. Good points, Oversimp

      Also Draper makes his whole “ad genius” thing look cool, cool in the classic mid-century jazz sense; and he at least creates the illusion of talent. This works on people WITHIN the show, and often works on the audience in spite of ourselves. I don’t mean we the audience agree his slogans are inspiring; rather we can’t help but root for him to pull out the rabbit at the last minute and save the account/firm. And this is all in the context of him being an underdog striver coming from economic underprivilege and literal obscurity (tho he obviously has white-man privilege aplenty).

      Pete, on the other hand, is NOT cool in the classic sense, and never makes it look easy. He always makes it look hard, despite his privileges. He always lets you see him sweat, lose his cool, have petty little snits, etc. Plus his upper-crusty accent!

      And don’t forget that Pete’s on the business side of the firm — aka straightforward, tally-up-the-accounts sales — while Don’s on the “creative” side, managing to make this venal, commercial activity seem like a form of art, at least for a while.

      Finally, after the first 1/2 of the first season, I think Don benefits from the reflected glow of Peggy. I.e., if he’s mentoring this more admirable character, he can’t be all bad, etc.

      • Oversimph says:

        All true. It’s pretty normal for viewers to sympathize with the protagonist regardless how shitty he/she is. And in this case Don has a lot working for him. I hadn’t thought about all of the other points raised – him being on the creative side of the business, mentoring Peggy, etc. He also didn’t want Joan to sell herself to get that deal the way Pete did – Pete essentially tried to broker the deal while Draper went to her home and told her not to do it, if I remember correctly.

  8. t. says:

    Luv to see an update but lately I’ve been hitting the random button and reading thru all the old advice I don’t even care if CQ never updates again. Every post is valuable and even letters I know I’ve read (and a few I’ve written) reveal new truths over time and gain relevance every time I read them.

    • Chris says:

      More than that – you might need to fact check that CQ began seriously detaching form the site about 16 months ago. Seems like just yesterday, but it was around the election.

      I went to the site in the AM, and it was there, full of fresh content. Now, not so much.

  9. Katie says:

    Are you in love?

    This is so beautiful in its simplicity. I’m so happy for you and the life you’ve built/found, CQ.

  10. flblbl says:

    That guy talking shit about museums sounds like he read Baudrillard but came up with wildly inaccurate conclusions. Is everything in a museum good ? Of course not. Is some of it not even art ? Sure. But it’s still one of the easiest and best ways to interact with a lot of plastic art. And art without interaction is not.

      • flblbl says:

        Honestly think Baudrillard’s tone make him sound like he hates more stuff than he actually did ; i don’t think he hated malls (or museums) per se, but he hated the joyless operation of post-modernism at every level of everyday life.
        He did, however, hate the Centre Pompidou (which he accurately described as an inside-out mall for art expositions) with all his guts, and wrote extensively about it. That’s probably where the brother guy got his comparison.

        • Buds says:

          Got the feeling from simulacrum that it may have came across harsher in tone than if I had read it in the original French, but his diatribe about Disney Land gave me the feeling about malls.

  11. Jessica Sen says:

    Coke has written a lot, and I’ve studied it carefully over the years. Still, I like to go back and reread them time to time. There’s always something else I learn on a new reading. I like to go back to the book, most of all. It’s the best of the stuff she’s written. A lot of her answers are meaningful both literally and metaphorically. Well, if I’m to be blunt, we have to put in the hard work to fix ourselves.

      • Mono says:

        Hahahahaha! Jordan Peterson is such a hack. I could probably say something meaningful about his shitty, unempathetic attitudes towards those less priviledged than his freckled white ass BUT when I first learned about his much exhaulted Life’s Work that’s so deep and meaningful and manly, but its basically like “make your fucking bed in the morning” and that there were a thousand million 24 year old white fan boys that loved him for that even though their mothers had been telling them same thing since they were 5 years old… that’s all you need to know about that movement.

        Jordan Peterson niche is taking the ordinary things all people are supposed to do in order to be decent adult human beings to themselves and the people around them, which lots of white men don’t want to do for their own sake or the sake of those around them, and rebrands these actions at tokens of a person’s inherent superiority. That’s why young white men love him.

          • Monochromicorn says:

            its good advice! But its not original. I’m just pointing out that certain people act like its a whole new level of awesome just because the right kind of person said it.

          • bigbrain says:

            Can you explain your issue with him beyond “I think he’s arrogant”? There’s zero harm in what he’s doing – encouraging people to get their lives together.

          • flblbl says:

            who knew all it took for mediocre straight white men to make their bed and wash their balls was for another, ever so slightly less shitty straight white man to tell them to do so ? certainly not their mothers, grand-mothers, sisters, wives, and all the other people who told them countless times in their lives, but were vastly ignored and couldn’t themselves be that much of a mess yet still appear in public.
            privileged people making mind-boggingly easy profit from their privilege and their audience’s is neither new, nor laudable.

          • Lit says:

            @Bigbrain i don’t actually have an issue with JP, I have an issue about people surrounding him that want to make him a big deal, especially at a moment where there is so much positive scientific reform in social psychology. Like thanks for being a decent and seemingly compassionate clinical psychologist, but there’s not much more to see here. I love to see people interested in psychology, self-care and neuroscience, but I don’t think JP is helping our cause by investing controversial political notions into his discourse.
            Edit : I actually do have an issue about his treatment of trans people. What the actual fuck gets him off by misgendering trans people is and probably will remain a mystery for me. And I know the free speech argument entirely, but I don’t see why a doctorate professor would have difficulties remembering to use certain pronouns with a student who requested it. If you’re that stupid, maybe the uni should reconsider your tenure, and try to check up with a neurologist for early dementia (or he could stop being an alcoholic).

        • bigbrain says:

          A “hack” that is exploding in popularity, selling out venues and even arenas all over the world. The fact it makes you sick is a lovely bonus 😀

          What do you make of the many women/minorities who are fans of his? I bet that rattles your little brain doesn’t it? LOL

        • bigbrain says:

          I’m sorry your boyfriend/husband/dad/brother/son didn’t listen to you. At the end of the day what Peterson is doing is harmless, these ‘mediocre white men’ are improving their lives and taking responsibility for themselves thanks to him. And you’re trying to spin it like it’s a bad thing? Why? Because you hate men and/or are a racist? Or what?

          • flblbl says:

            celebrating privileged people making money off that privilege they share with their audience… that’s just celebrating privilege itself.
            isn’t it amazing how those straight white men are so inert as individuals and as a group, they need one of them to tell them how to be at least somewhat decent human beings and the basics of personal hygiene ? no, it isn’t.

          • bigbrain says:

            Your obsession with “privilege” is disgusting. Can a straight white male receive credit for anything in this world, or is it all down to the privilege supposedly generated for them at birth? You are generalising white males in the same way you hate others generalising LGBT people and minorities. You’re a hypocrite.

            What he’s teaching is beyond being a decent human being and… personal hygiene (seriously, what?). He’s encouraging ALL people to take responsibility for their own lives and make the most of themselves. You haven’t explained yet how that could possibly be a bad thing?

          • flblbl says:

            i don’t know why you have to keep pretending i’m obsessed with stuff ; surely there’s a healthier way to admit that the optics i choose are extremly relevant and my observations are truthful, but that you don’t like that truth.
            Hopefully one day you can have an actual conversation that isn’t some thinly veiled, extremely labored high school debate club buffoonery. Hopefully around the same time you’ll learn what personal hygiene means ?!
            In the meantime, I’m done with your below-average sealioning here.
            Toodles !

          • bigbrain says:

            You’re ‘done’ because you can’t answer a very simple question – what is harmful about Peterson’s message?
            What really pisses you off is the idea of straight white males getting their lives in order and being successful. I wonder why…
            Toodles indeed!

          • Chris says:

            Is his demographic just white men? He did an event at Harvard a year ago or so, and the moderator who invited him was a trans man (I think that’s the correct way to say it – a person born female, but IDs as a man and uses male pronouns). It was a very well done interview, the audience was men and women, and the Q&A portion was very well done.

            His book, though, is just very bad. Too many words to say so little. I’m glad I listened to his lectures, though, because it got me into reading Orwell and Dostoevsky. Some good works. “Road to Wigan Pier” is recommended.

          • flblbl says:

            @Chris his audience is definitively larger than that. It is, however, the part of his audience most vocal about its following, support and free ad space for him. It’s who have the most extravagant reactions and comments on his book. It’s his fanbase. It’s who it looks like he ends up resonating the most, at least from an outside perspective.
            Just like the pop star of the week can be some straight girl writing the most Straight Girl lyrics and yet have half her audience be gay men and be called Gay Icon by some mediocre journalist or another. Ya feel ?

            ps : not just straight men, straight white men 🙂 and FTM individuals can totally fall into that category, too

          • Chris says:

            I can appreciate that. After all, I’m a straight white man who found Peterson on a Joe Rogan interview, which is about as straight and white as it gets, I think.

            I’m so straight and white that I wasn’t even a Joe Rogan fan. YouTube (Google) just put the thing in front of me, and was like, ‘here’s your thing,’ and they were right!

            Having said that, the Peterson book is dog shit. A true disappointment.

        • Mae says:

          If you stare into a bathroom mirror and say Jordan Peterson’s name three times, you will immediately summon a legion of talking fedoras who each want to lecture you about how you Actually Have To Have A Very High IQ To Appreciate Jordan Peterson’s Great Big Very Smart Much Philosophy Amazon Bestseller

  12. Kristen Lee says:

    I’m glad you are in a great place becoming a better person. The past decade you’ve been helping me become a better person. I’m glad you started your blog when in LA. The tone you had back then couldn’t have happened anywhere else. Funny how I’m in NYC and I dream of running to LA. Not for glitz and glam so much but more for desserts and beaches and endless mountains.

  13. Jessica Sen says:

    So I was living with Coke for a while, couple years ago, and she started seeing this guy. Let’s call him The Draper, for obvious reasons. They weren’t so serious about each other at first. Now they are.

    They had a lot of sex, and I was right next door, so one day at breakfast, I made them pancakes, and in hers, I’d wedged a piece of aluminium foil shaped like a tiny penis.

    I watched carefully as she ate to make sure the bitch didn’t actually choke on it. She bit into it and let out a yell of surprise. She took it from her mouth and examined it.

    I burst out laughing. The Draper looked confused – he hadn’t had a chance to look at his penis. Then she burst out laughing. And she went on and on laughing.

    The Draper took the metal piece from her hand. He scrutinized it closely. He turned it this way and that, messing it up with his hands. “Oh my god,” she said, “come on”. She rolled her eyes. “Surely you know what that means.”

    She turned to me, her eyes laughing; her mouth dead set serious. She gently took the foiled penis from his hands and ceremoniously offered it to me.

    “Wow,” I said, “I mean, are you serious?” I put my hand to heart.

    “What’s mine, is yours.” She tossed her head and her pretty brown hair went flying.

    The Draper suddenly got the significance of it. His eyes widened, and he looked between us in incredulity.

    Slowly, very slowly, I reached my hand out and received the microscopic phallus, my hand trembling. I put it between my palms, and lowered them under the table. Rolling it, I turned it into a ball.

    Placing it on the table we shared, I put one finger on it, balancing.

    “On this rock, I build my home,” I declared.

    Coke burst into beautiful peals of laughter at my finale, and The Draper was relieved.

    “I’m not as adventurous as you two,” he said.

    • Anti-Totally says:

      Jessica Sen you’re without a second guess seriously DA SHIT. You’re like a thousand Yoko Ono’s packed into ONE! My fricken dream boat. Jessica. Sen. Will. YOU. Marry. ME?!?!?!? I pray to Zeus every night of my life that you will!!! I beckon to eat your ass for breakfast lunch and dinner and have you tell me perfect enthralling campfire stories for dessert <3<3<3 LOVE YOU DO !!! yEeeeeeEeeeEee I LOVE YOU!!!! ;*

  14. Jessica Sen says:

    You are most definitely on drugs, but I’ll take this as a hypothetical question.

    You can listen to my stories without any consequences, and I don’t know what kinky terms you kids are using these days, but eating my ass doesn’t sound pleasurable for you or me. Let me make a counter suggestion.

    I’ll secure the drugs, you secure the camping equipment. We trek off into the woods high for days until people call the cops on us. We return to society, integrated and responsible once more.

    Convinced by our normality, our friends will relax. They were only concerned. You take on a job at a post office and I take on a job at a barbershop. Everything’s fine. Our parents visit and together, we trim the garden, which had grown wild and bushy during our stay in the woods. Over apple pie, we speak of intoxication and its far reaching consequences on a clean and healthy life.

    Our parents leave, and you glance at me quickly to ensure that the party girl in me is still there. I give you a serious smile, and retreat to my study. For many days, you do not see me. You start to worry, but you remember that I’ve always been self-enabled. Your job at the post office has taken a twist, and you now have to ride a motorbike. You get into an injury, and I am concerned, but am still preoccupied with my work.

    Finally, months pass. You have forgotten who I am. You no longer call me Jessie, but instead, a very serious, “Jess”. You are sad, and I am distant. You now work in a pool, laundering towels. I am no longer bringing bread to the table. Or drugs. Or smiles. The sun in your heart slowly dries like an old well in a historical town. We still speak, but only to say hi. We always say hi.

  15. Jessica Sen says:

    An old decrepit crow, who’s accomplished all he’s wanted in life, now lies on the grass outside our house. In his younger days, he was full of spirit and helped you with your errands. Now, he flatly lies on the ground, collecting pitiful flies. We are pitying on the flies, but we are not pitying on him.

    You are not bothered by the crow, but I am concerned. In my darkest days, the crow helped me. Now, I must shake him awake from his slumber party. Our grass is wet, and it has rained, and the crow must be getting chilly.

    I reach the crow, who is lying on his left wing today, tiny blades of grass lying atop his eye. I offer him a blanket, a tiny square out of my hospital blanket, and he blinks and sees me. The grass shakes off his head, and he starts to smile, then remembers and miserably closes his eyes.

    I start to cry. The crow and I, we’ve led such separate lives that were so much the same. When we were kids, we saw the same rainbows twist into agony, and we had no one to tell. We were of no value that any dollar bill or trophy could solve. I saw me in him, and I was afraid, because I was afraid of me.

    Now, the mountains next to us begin to sing. They used to make such frightful sounds, but today, they sing in chorus, a hymn of our redemption. My skin bumps, and his feathers rise to cover them. The mountains are still singing. They are relentless. At crescendo, I turn to the window to see you standing there, watching, too, steam rising from your coffee. Everything is singing.

    I smile at you, and in return, you gift me your classical grin. I take your grin and spread it all over him like warm mud. Suddenly, a hurricane in ballet stands to his feet. A charming young man, stands tall. He smiles, and the drum rolls in my heart.

    You are still there. I grin at you. You grin at me. It is Sunday.

  16. Maria says:

    As far as Mad Men goes, how can we talk about sleaze without mentioning Harry Crane? I wanted to drown that fucking maggot in an ocean of my vomit. At least Campbell grew out of it.

  17. bloop says:

    man this site is so weird. cokes advice is on point as usual but man these comment sections…. it feels like they are getting more hostile and snippy lately or maybe im just have no patients for that kind of thing anymore.

    i wish coke would get some moderators or something to delete the useless angry rabble that brings down the mood for everyone. im all for freedom of expression but i think comment sections are more like public parks then art museums. some work should be done to keep them clean to discourage people from throwing their trash everywhere. or maybe i should never bother to click on the comments here ever again. ill probably go for the later. this aint my website after all.

    also jessica sen lives with coke now maybe? man i am so behind. this comment section needs its own wiki. last thing i remember she was living in like Singapore or some shit with her parents that wouldnt let her get meds or something. why do i even remember this? i am just as confused as you are fellow comment reader.

    • Chris says:

      Bloop, get with the program! Jess Sen has always been Coquette’s protege. People were once angry that she once claimed to know the Coke Head we wish was our friend, but now she’s running this show – the comments, that is.

      You have 2 options:
      (1) Fall in line like a good little ant
      (2) Pretend you don’t know this is the truth
      (3) Type extra things for no reason
      (4) Create additional guest names to post under because you feel that of the 3 people making up 15 profiles here, you’ve exposed yourself too much under what may or may not be your real name
      (5) Write 5 things

      • H says:

        What has made you think that JS “has always been her (Coke’s) protégé”? I remember the first post I saw by Jess, it was a beautifully written little note on her alleged first meeting with Coke. It was concise, non-gibberish and I believed it. It added a little color to the myth. But with all the nonsensical submits I soon dropped that thought. The continuous references to C and her/their life likely holds nothing but nonsense.
        If in fact she does know, I’m happy she’s keeping the secret.

          • Chris says:

            I’m just joking around. No, I’m not a Jess Sen character.

            I don’t live in the Midwest and have never lived there. I’m from the northeast and spent some time in the South and Deep South.

            Yes, I do check this site too often thinking there’s still something new to see when there’s not.

    • TeamSalamander says:

      Fuck you for wanting to keep people out of public parks. The internet is completely different, like a lair of lotus eaters dying of malnutrition and spewing word salad while their brains rot. Get off the internet assholes!

      Also ♡ Grouch.

  18. @ Betty Cracker : Wow, nice response. Fuck you for not caring that shootings in this country are minor compared to the wreckage we cause overseas. How many have we killed in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan etc etc etc. And fuck you for wanting to give the police more powers, more weapons and the right to arrest people who haven”t committed a crime. And finally, fuck you for not wanting a civilized dialog about these issues.

  19. ??!!? says:

    gtfo jessica you’re embarrassing and you need help

    the comments section was always kind of a shiteshow but I miss when they weren’t monopolised by one histrionic person posting under multiple names and you could actually, you know, scroll down to see people discussing the actual godforsaken post

  20. H says:

    I was skimming through the blog and reading posts from when it was more active… And I miss those little nuggets of social commentary gold. Coke, if you see this, where would you refer those of us here who want to fill the void? Not to sound melodramatic (but I am), but seriously. Where?

    Any potential readers with any tip? Columns, news sources, books, blogs, whatever?

  21. Jessica Sen says:

    Hello! I’ve been so busy. The mind control of the lizard people is weakening. I’ve been in the gym throwing some detachable meatbags around. The next time you see me, I’ll be serving up two hot orders of reptilian balls! Hot hot hot hot hot

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