On my lovers and haters.

dear raging bitch,
ur answers take way too long to read in relation to how few laughs i get from reading them. if ur goal with this shit is comedy u r teh fale.
less is more.

ps: eat a dick

See that unfollow button in the upper right hand corner? Use it.

While you’re at it, consider using the rest of the letters on your keyboard. Sometimes less is more, but in your case less is just lazy and riddled with attention deficit disorder.

Yeah. I’ve said it before, but I really wish my haters would step it up a bit. There are remarkably few of them for the kind of shit that I talk, and they’re all so retarded it’s not even fair for me to pick on them.

On a related note, someone just sent me this:

Tell these haters to quit sipping on that haterade; make a testimonials page. I know that I’ve sent in thank-you notes when your advice worked for me, and other people must have too. It’d just be interesting to see the outcomes of some of these stories…

That struck me as a pretty good idea. I have quite a collection of thank you notes, follow-up letters, and various indecent proposals. It might be nice to post them somewhere.

I’ll start thinking about the best way to do that.


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    • . says:

      No, it used to be on the Dear Coke Talk Tumblr years ago but it doesn’t appear to have been migrated to the WordPress version. You could possibly see some on and view the Tumblr from years ago, though.

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