On my methods

How come when a teenage girl asks for parental advice about camping, you give her genuine, nice feedback, but when a teenage girl asks about a controlling mother who won’t allow her to paint her nails, you call her a whiny brat? just wondering.

All teenage girls may be created equal, but their motives sure as shit aren’t, and just because every last one of ‘em desperately wants to convince her mother of something doesn’t mean you should show them how.

One girl calmly presented a discrete, specific problem to be solved. She wanted to go good old fashioned all-American camping, but her hyper-religious and overbearing mother said no. Are you kidding me? That shit’s practically the plot to Footloose. How could I not help?

The other girl just bitched and moaned about her wardrobe. Technically there was a question mark in there with reference to her mother and individuality, but that puddle was so shallow, she didn’t even understand what she was asking. I laid into her for good reason.

Maybe it seems like drill sergeant logic, but there’s a method to the madness.


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