On bad planning.

ok, i’m coked out and i haven’t slept at all. what’s the best way to deal with the parentals meeting me the following morning?

Step one: a long hot shower followed by fresh clothes. Step two: healthy food. Eating is a must, preferably fresh fruit and a little protein. Try not to carb load or you’ll go into a food coma.

I know you’re probably tempted to level yourself out with a Xanax or something, but don’t. Food and a shower will be enough. Besides, if you’re still so majorly tweaked that a benzo is necessary to bring you out of orbit, you need to find some Ferris Bueller way to cancel the shindig with the parents.

Rookie mistake, babe. It’s Halloween. Always plan a twelve to twenty-four hour back-to-reality recovery buffer into these kinds of weekends.


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