On my motif.

Ever thought about trying a different theme than the ‘I I tell it like it is because you suck, I suck, get over it’ motif? Or is that just the kind of person you’re stuck with being?

At least I’m not stuck being a humorless cunt. Seriously, do you not get how fucking hilarious I am? Oh, wait. One of my answers hit a little close to home, didn’t it? You’re feeling a little butthurt.

Let me guess. You’re coasting through a soft major at some middle-of-the-road liberal arts college, and it kind of bugs you how I pick on people for being lazy and ungrateful. You think that maybe if I’m stuck being some misanthropic nihilist it will somehow invalidate the fact that I struck a nerve. In a predictable fit of transference laced with self-loathing, you fire off a passive-aggressive letter because it’s easier than acknowledging the fact that deep down inside, you know you’re a spoiled little brat.

Sorry, kiddo. I’m having a shit ton of fun over here. I suggest you quit taking yourself so seriously and do the same.

Oh, and by the way, welcome to hater day, bitches!


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