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On naughty pics

Here’s the deal. I met this guy not to long ago, over the internet . Blahblahblah to that, I have no problem with meeting people online. He is hot. Damn good looking And I usually go for the nerdy lanky boys. HOWEVER, this boy is gorgeous. On with the story. We talked for the first time last week on the phone, around tuesday or wednesday. We ended up having phone sex. I have NO idea how it even got to that point but it did. And I feel kinda weird about it because I do not do that with guys I have just started talking to. I like to keep some kind of respect for myself. He wants pictures of me sans clothing now. And I don’t know how to say no. Because let’s face it, I phone fucked the guy the first time talking to him. And after that, how do you say no to something as simple as pictures? Part of my thinks I wouldn’t mind, but part of me would like to save some kind of whatever dignity I may have left. I’m not quite sure what to do here.

Ah, the perils of 21st century whoredom. Every last one of us has a few naughty pics floating out there in the digital ether, and nowadays the American teenage experience includes making your first sex tape before getting your drivers license.

Billions of little red record buttons, so simple and ubiquitous, make it far too easy for boys to do what boys like to do — point and shoot. It desensitizes girls like yourself until you’re asking ridiculous questions like, “how do you say no to something as simple as pictures?”

Simple as pictures? Are you fucking kidding me? The legal and emotional consequences of turning a camera into a sex toy can be staggeringly complicated and more permanent than an STD.

If every iPhone shipped with anal beads instead of a camera, would you still be asking how to say no to something as simple as assplay?

You’re not sure what to do here because you seem to have devalued this part of your sexuality. Take a moment to reflect on the levels of trust and intimacy that are required to safely share naked photos with someone, and hopefully you’ll see that I’m not being facetious when I compare this to taking it up the ass.

Posing for pics can be incredibly hot, and shooting a wildly creative sex tape can be one of the most intimate things you do with your partner, but the decision to let anyone other than yourself control that content is a serious one.

Don’t kid yourself — the second you email naked pics to a phone-fuck buddy you met online less than a week ago, you’ve effectively posted those pics to every amateur porn site this side of Chatsworth.

Just tell the guy no. If he presses you, turn the tables on him — insist that he be the one to send raunchy pics. If he backs down, that’s the end of it.

If he follows through and sends you pics, tell him they aren’t raunchy enough and that he has to send more. Never promise to send any in return.

Demand that he send you dirtier and dirtier pics of himself until he either backs down, grosses you out, or gives you so much blackmail ammunition that there’s no harm in sending him a naked pic or two.

If you do ever decide to send him something, make sure he’s familiar with the doctrine of mutually assured embarrassment, and let him know that you’d go nuclear on his ass if he ever stepped out of line with your pics.

Be wild and have fun, but take this shit seriously.


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