On girl rape.

What’s your view on “girl raping” (getting guys incapacitated and fucking them)? I’ve been going to bars and clubs lately opening tabs for dumb, younger (and incredibly sexy) boys and taking them home to bang. In the morning I almost get off again from watching them do the walk of shame. Am I a terrible person?

— Kimora Klein, and I actually am in porn. Google me.

You don’t fuck a person — man or woman — who is incapacitated. EVER. That is abhorrent, if not criminal, behavior.

How can you be so cavalier about non-consensual sex? How can you derive pleasure from humiliating another human being? It’s sociopathic. Very unhealthy.

Honestly, Kimora, I’ve known quite a few girls in porn, and you’re not the first hardcore misandrist born out of that industry. I understand how you could come to feel a certain way about men, but I can’t condone how you treat them.

Getting off on causing someone emotional pain? Asserting your dominance by “girl raping”? Seriously, you need to get help. You’ve got a lot of shit to work out, and if you ever want to have a healthy relationship, you absolutely must talk to a therapist.


4 thoughts on “On girl rape.

  1. wondering says:

    I’m a bit confused at your describing this as “abhorrent, if not criminal, behavior” — isn’t sex with an incapacitated person classified as non-consensual and thus rape? That *would* make it a criminal behavior, right? (Excluding if consent was explicitly given in advance for being the subject of such an act, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.)

  2. Chloe says:

    The worrying thing is the actress who submitted this was just 20 when she wrote this message. So, what the fuck had happened in her young life to think this behaviour is acceptable? It’s not. There’s also no such thing as “female rape”. It’s rape, a sexual assault, plain and simple, whatever the genders involved. And how much younger were the guys she was doing this to? I Googled her, like she suggested: her Twitter states she’s now employed as an English teacher in China. Makes you wonder if those students are safe in her care because, according to IMDB, she featured in barely any porn films, and it’s interesting how Kimora uses the term boys, not men, to define the people she was taking home to assault in her question. In fact, at the time of this question being submitted she’d appeared in one pornographic production and one episode of a TV show, ‘Money Talks’. Hard to believe the one experience in the porn industry could cause someone to become a hardcore misandrist and subsequently display this behaviour that she seems almost gleeful and gloating about. It sounds like the pornography was used as a justification for her disgusting predatory behaviour.

    Thank you, CQ, for allowing Kimora’s name to be posted on your site. With some luck, and with how often people Google prospective partners thanks to online dating, maybe it’s avoided some other people being assaulted by Ms. Klein.

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