On victim mentality

I lost my virginity at 13. Everyone found out and people I dont know still ask me about it.

I like to believe that i loved the guy and i just didnt know what i was doing. Now every guy since then has just tried to use me. But ive never done anything with anyone after that. I dont know why i just told you this.

“Post hoc ergo propter hoc” — look it up. It’s me calling you out on the logical fallacy that “I lost my virginity at 13,” therefore “every guy since has just tried to use me.” That’s not the way it works. Your problem isn’t how early you started fucking, it’s that now you’ve got a victim mentality.

You have the capacity for unimaginable strength, power, and beauty. I just hope you discover it before the wolves devour you. Tell you what, a solid place for you to start would be to read The Mastery of Love. Trust me on this.


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