On flakes.

I was talking to this guy for a short while. HE gave me his number, and HE suggested that we hang out sometime. I texted him, made small talk, and he asked me whats good for this week. So I told him that I was going to a rave and that he should come with me. He said yea, and expressed interest in going. He stopped replying after a while. I texted him day of the rave and asked if he still wanted to go. No reply. What the fuck is this niggas problem? Did I get stood up, or dyou think he got arrested (or something else preventing him from texting me back)?

You never made plans. He didn’t leave you outside the rave holding his glow stick. You weren’t stood up.

It sounds like he’s either flakey or incarcerated. Either way, delete his number, turn up the Tiesto, and dance like you don’t give a shit.


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