On not being an enabler.

can you please change your theme to another one of the pretty plain ones out there…? For some reason it scrambles on my browser at work which I cant change but is where I most benefit and enjoy to read your blog…? Go on, Im sure Im not the only person with internet explorer who is frustrated with this scrambled display

Change my theme? Oh no you didn’t.

Listen, bitch. Just because you show up to a party wearing parachute pants, it doesn’t mean the DJ has to play MC Hammer.

It’s not my fault your work computer sucks. Your employer uses IE 7.0, by the way. I could have a team of internet nerds design a special helmet just for that browser, and it would still fuck up the alphabet.

Thankfully, it accounts for less than one percent of all my traffic, and while that is still a great many unfortunate people, I am not an enabler. In other words, this is your problem, not mine.

Upgrade that retarded shit. There’s always a way.


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